How you can Help 2 Brains 2 Grow

Day to Day Help:

Elimination Diet

Over 85% of people with chronic disease suffer from food intollerance or even food allergies

Free Range and Organic Meats and Vegetablescarrot

The Kids can only eat Natural products as they have a high intolerance to sugar

This amounts to R1800,00 per week 

Cerebral Palsy, The Bigger Picture:

Blood Tests

R7000,00 per child(every 6 months)     Blood Tests

Hair Analyses

Hair    R1000,00 per child(every 6 months)

Supplements and Masks

R10 000,00 (every 6 months)     supplements

Visit to the USA for Nutrition adjustments and Physicals

Hospital     R200 000,00 every 6 months

US Trip: Accommodation and Travelling expenses

R45 000,00 every 6 months    Plane

Contact us if You can help in any way


If you would only like to Donate, cash Deposits can be made to the below:

Cheque Account
Account #: 62592391024
Branch: 258155

Please also email us as we would like to thank you for your donation.