Cerebral Palsy and our Daily Routine

The parents attended a course in America, presented by The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in 2014, to learn how to through daily exercise they can aid the childrens development. After the course Sanmari resigned from her job in November 2014 to be able to permanently stay at home with the children to do the program.

Since they started this program, the twins have shown incredible progress from not being able to crawl at all, to crawling,to standing and even some first steps all within a time frame of two months. They continue to show fortitude everyday and are getting stronger every week.

The Twins initially crawled every day following the Institute’s program until they could crawl 1.6km every day with ease. Now they are making use of an overhead set of ladders to hold on to, and started walking.  the Twins now walk about 375m per day, and are already seeing great progress the more the twins walk, with and without the overhead ladder assistance.  In addition we do “patterning” exercises six times a day, per child, which is the simulation of crawling, 3 adults are needed for this therapy with one controling the head another the left leg and foot, and the third person the right leg and foot. It creates the neccesary connections in the brain to achieve movement which can only be done by crawling.

They have also recently started rolling on the medullary reflex board to develop the vestibular system.

The twins do breathing exercises everyday in form of masking, this is done 60 times per day.  In this therapy,  a small plastic mask fits over the nose and mouth of the children.  The Doman organization (Iahp) says the exercise funnels more oxygen to an injured brain.

Finally the twins also Auditory and visual stimulation, this has been proven to improve gait parameters in patients with gait disorders due to cerebral palsy.

For more information on these exercises feel free to look at the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (The Doman Organization) website.